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For the last few weeks, the state of Tamil Nadu has been sizzling hot – in terms of the hot weather and the high decibel election campaigning by the two principal parties joined by three newer challengers. A few weeks back, here in this blog, I had quoted Mr Yuval Noah Harari from his book “21 Lessons for the 21st century” where he says “Referendums and elections are always about human feelings, not about human rationality… For better or worse, elections and referendums are not about what we think. They are about what we feel.

Today, April 6th 2021 was the election day. At 11:40 AM we (myself and wife) walked in straight and cast our vote. On entry and exit (pleasantly surprised) to the nearby polling booth (a local school), they had health workers/volunteers offer you hand sanitiser, temperature check and a single glove for right-hand (or Left-Hand). Total time inside the building about two minutes.

We had taken our Election Commission of India’s Voter ID, Poll booth slip, Aadhaar (backup) and a mask each, I had my fedora hat (for the hot sun). My wife – the smarter one in our marriage – reminded me to take our own pens to sign the register.

The VVPAT implementation where a locked box with a glass window showing a printout for a few seconds of the recorded choice was super cool. This should put to rest many of the critics about using EVM, I had written earlier on the never-ending controversies about the Electronic Voting Machines and why I trust India’s implementation.

Overall, excellent arrangements by the Election Commission of India. A big thanks and salute to all the Government Staff, Teachers, Police Personnel, Volunteers and others involved. It is not easy to conduct elections, that too during a pandemic on the rise. These people make you feel good to be an Indian & a Tamilian.

For those outside India, if you wish to understand India’s election check out this fine film Newton (2017) available on Amazon Prime Video.

Tip: Carry your own pen for signing.

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