Mupparimanam (2017)  starts with all the well-established elements of a village love story of Kollywood. There are two brothers who are the village headmen, one of them (Ravi Prakash) is put behind bars by a local honest police inspector for the honour killing of his own sister and her husband. The inspector’s son Kathir (Shanthanu) and the elder brother’s daughter Anusha (Srushti Dange) are childhood best friends and later deeply in love with each other. Anusha’s family is against the couple getting married leading to arrangements being made to get Anusha wed to someone else. Kathir enters the marriage hall, fights all the rowdies and kidnaps Anusha to a faraway place. What happens next is the story with an unexpected twist.

Though needed to set the stage for the second half the first half love story was cliché to the core, it was an excruciating watch.

As a school girl and then as a college student Srushti Dange comes out charming, every time she smiles the dimple reminds us of late actress Viji. In the second half, her role has provided her with a good scope to exhibit various emotions and Srushti has used it well. Skanda Ashok, as a movie star has done his supporting role very well, appearing natural he can hope to get more opportunities.  Shanthanu has delivered excellently the 3 different personalities of his role – as a young lover, a heart-broken youth and as a fighter – that’s why the movie is titled Mupparimanam. Shanthanu Bhagyaraj needs a big break and I hope Mupparimanam (2017) gives him that.

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