Over the weekend I managed to clean install the new build of Windows Vista – RC1. According to MS this is a significant build, between Beta 2 and RTM.

I got hold of a new IBM R52 Laptop (Centrino, 1GB RAM) and installed this – this is not a bleeding-edge machine for Vista, especially on Graphics end, but this is what I could manage to get in my office :-). Everything went well except few devices that failed to install at first, but after reboot Windows Update found latest drivers (like Audio) auto installed them and everything is working fine. On top of Vista, I have got Office 2007 Beta 2, Visual Studio 2005, Windows SDK RC1 (for .NET Framework 3.0, Vista bundles the runtime), Expression Interactive & Graphics Designers Sep CTP.

Update: 17/Sep/2006: If you want to know what happened with my primary Laptop (HP nx7010) & Vista, here it is. For almost few weeks I have been trying to get the Video Driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 9200) work. With the default out-of-box drivers, you see multiple screens and it is not legible. I recently came across couple of entries on the web about the same problem, they suggested that you need to ensure the out-of-box driver and Intel AGP driver enabled, and then to Remote Desktop to the VISTA machine, install the XP version of the drivers. I tried it and it worked. WOW!

So you ask what is new with Windows Vista – check out this official site from Microsoft for that.

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