When it comes to Television purchase I used to prefer SONY due to their reputation for quality, but over the years their premium price has become unjustifiable when alternatives are much cheaper. At the rate of technology obsolescence, it doesn’t make sense to invest in any electronics for the long term, and the technology advantage between the brands have narrowed with almost everything being made in same Chinese factories. It’s also wiser to buy cheaper and upgrade electronics every few years once.

Following this theory, two years back I bought online a Toshiba 46″ TV for my son at Rs.51,500 when in offline shops a similar spec TVs cost 30-40% more. And I TV has been performing well.


Micromax 40″ LED TV

A few months back when I had to buy a TV for the living room in my house, after much shopping around (offline and online) I went with Micromax 40″ LED TV 40B5000FHD for Rs.22,750 from Amazon India. Similar configuration TVs from established brands were over Rs.35,000. The price included free installation and wall mount. The TV was impressive and most importantly for my parents easy to use remote control. The TV one had Full HD (1920 x 1080), 2 x HDMI ports (important for me), 2 x USB ports apart from other ports.


Micromax UltraHD 42″ TV running Android App Store

Being impressed with the Micromax TV at home, when I had to buy a display for my office meeting room I went with Micromax 42″ TV at Rs.35,990. This was an Ultra HD (4K) display, had Smart TV capabilities running Android 4.2,  Dual Core CPU & GPU and wide viewing angles. The ports it sported – 3 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x WiFi and importantly 3 x HDMI ports so that we could connect our laptop, Apple TV & Google Chromecast for app testing purposes. The TV had Miracast support enabling wireless screencast from any Android or Windows 10 device natively.

Indian customers now have plenty of brands to select from, for their low-cost TVs with latest features. Apart from Micromax, you can now buy similarly priced TVs from VU like VU 40″ for Rs.22,000 or Sansui 40″ with 4 x HDMI for Rs.24,000 or Haier 40″ for Rs.29,000.

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