Vishal makes an entry only after the first ten minutes in Paayum Puli, in that duration you expect Anandaraj as a Police Officer to do something heroic, instead, it’s just to set the stage for Vishal‘s entry as Jayaseelan. Kajal Aggarwal seems to be the ambassador for Scooty two-wheeler, in this film too the hero Vishal sees her (Sowmya) while she is riding a Scooty.

Paayum Puli (2015) is one more film of an honest police officer (Jayaseelan) cleaning Madurai city of a ruthless gang that kidnaps and kills many businessmen of the city. If this was all real, Madurai city should be the safest town in Tamil Nadu with all this cleansing by Kollywood. Jayaseelan as Assistant Commissioner who is going to take charge in two weeks comes to Madurai and with his friend, a Constable Murugesan (played by Soori) meets with all gangsters in the city for discussing his “share” of earnings.  At this time you began recollecting Saamy (2003) Vikram or Singam2 Surya, but interestingly it takes a quick turn with rapid gun shootings that eliminates all the local gangsters, only the kingpin remains and he is someone close to Jayaseelan, does the tiger (Puli) kill its prey or turns away is rest of the story.

Jayaprakash is the father of the heroine (Sowmya), just like in Indru Netru Naalai (2015) he plays a role of a businessman paying ransom money to kidnappers. After Kaaval (2015) Samuthirakani has played an important character, in Paayum Puli he has proven he is a versatile actor too.

Director Suseenthiran of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (2009) and Jeeva (2014) fame has tried an action movie, but he succeeds in delivering a watchable crime buster film that’s fast-paced, there were only a few unwanted scenes.  Vishal carries the Police Officer role adequately well, Soori has to work hard on improving his comedy track. Songs by D.Imman are memorable, I liked the songs MarukadakkariYaar Inda Muyalkutty and Silukku Marame, the last two had nice dance movements. The song sets were colourful with vibrant hues, one of them had a Vintage car on display too. Since Vishal is a Police Officer there is no Alcohol binging or Pathos song in Tasmac by the Hero, which has become customary in all Tamil movies in recent years.

Paayum Puli - பாயும் புலி

Paayum Puli – பாயும் புலி

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