The trailer for Aarathu Sinam (ஆறாது சினம்) starring Arulnithi has been running in theatres for last few months, setting up the expectation for a good cop thriller. The film is a remake from a Malayalam film titled Memories (2013) written & directed by Papanasam (2015) fame Director Jeethu Joseph.  

The film starts with a police officer Aravind and his team involved in a gun fight chase of a gangster, due to an accident that happens there he loses his love wife & young daughter, turning him into an alcoholic. That’s when a serial killer is on a hunt killing innocent victims for no apparent motive, gripping Madurai & it’s surroundings. Rest of the story is how the killer is identified and punished. There have been numerous Tamil films with similar story line, but what makes Aarathu Sinam watchable is the brisk screenplay and background music by S.Thaman.

Arulnithi, grandson of former CM Thiru.M.Karunanidhi, has come a long way from his debut in 2010. I noticed him first in Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum (2014) and then in the ghost thriller Demonte Colony (2015). In Kollywood nothing establishes a hero’s place like what a honest police role does, Vijay Sethupathi with Sethupathi (2016) has recently secured his spot in this hall of fame by doning a khaki cap. If Aarthu Sinam was meant to take Arulnithi one step closer in that direction, then Director Arivazhagan has succeeded in his job.

Thanimaiye song by Vijay Jesudass is a hummable melody, it picturizes the happy marriage life of the protoganist, sparing us from a lengthy flashback sequence. Aishwarya Rajesh appears shortly in flashback sequence has performed her role to perfection. The other female lead, Aishwarya Dutta who comes as a journalist has a much smaller role. Tulasi as Aravind’s mother has given a good performance.

Robo Shankar as a police inspector tries hard to come serious and make us laugh but disappoints. Veteran comedian Charlie who as Robo’s assistant does a better job, how come the man look as young as he was 3 decades back in Poikkal Kudhirai (1983), amazing. In the first half till the killer’s identity is known, the screenplay keeps your gripped, after which it just tugs along. Overall, a movie you can enjoy.

ஆறாது சினம் (2016)

ஆறாது சினம் (2016)

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