Movie Review

ted (2012)

Few months back a friend highly recommended that I see this movie “Ted” as I enjoy “Family Guy” & “The Simpsons”. And I saw the movie today.

The comedy movie is about a Teddy Bear that becomes fully alive & can talk, living with this best friend forever John Bennett (played by Mark Wahlberg). John lives with his fiancée Lori Collins (played by Mila Kunis) and having Ted as a third person is causing strain in the relationship. While Mila Kunis is beautiful as always, I felt Mark Wahlberg looks older for the character he is playing.

“Ted” is written by the same creator who did Family Guy – Seth MacFarlane, so there is unmistakable similarity in the movie from the sitcom. The Ted character appears to be a replica of Brian Griffin (anthropomorphic dog in Family Guy) and voice being given by Seth MacFarlane increases resemblance, similarly John reminds of carefree Peter Griffin and Lori character reminds of a mature women as in Lois Griffin.

Nothing exceptional about the movie, a bit of drag in the second half. I am surprised on how the movie became a box office hit in 2012.