In my house in Chennai for almost a decade now we get Aavin Milk (Tamil Nadu Government’s Milk co-operative). Before which we had a local milkman (Dairy farmer?) deliver  twice a day farm fresh milk in stainless steel containers, some days when the cows are on their daily walk he will bring them to our house and milk them right in front of us – a task I was fascinated to watch always from a distance. Cow’s are sacred in Hinduism, so why go near them and risk their kicking!

After reading about it in a friends’ Facebook post, I ordered Madras Milk. They are a food startup based in T.Nagar, Chennai who are providing with farm fresh milk in glass bottle. The idea attracted me to give them a try. My order which they delivered was 2 x half litre bottles of Cow Milk costing Rs.40 per bottle, and 1 half litre bottle of Buffalo milk costing Rs.45. They have a monthly scheme, under which you will get a discount and get delivered everyday.


My mother tried the milk and gave a neutral feedback.

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