I use a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus which is a Printer, Scanner & Copier. The device works well, I am able to print from my Windows PC, Mac, iPad and my Android phone. The printer uses 4 cartridges,  3 x 951XL for colour and 1 x 950XL for Black; all the four as a set costing over Rs.6600 (~USD 100)which is nearly half the price of a new printer.  Like most other users of InkJet printers, I too feel that we are taken for a ride by printer manufacturers with the high price they charge for new cartridges.

Today my printer ran out of ink, when I replaced all the four cartridges I was surprised to find the old set of cartridges had worked for nearly two years (Nov/Dec 2013 to Sep 2015). That’s a good record, for two years and the usage I did I feel Rs.6600 is not costly.

I don’t believe I am saying this, but good job HP!


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