Developer Days is Microsoft’s premier developer event. An annual event happening throughtout US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the words. Following the worldwide tradition, DevDays in India is also eagerly looked forward by Microsoft Developers across the country. It is a one-day event, with neck-deep technology, code and visual studio insights.

After a gap of 2 years (last DevDays in India was in 2001) DevDays 2004 is happening now – May 3rd in Mumbai and May 5th in Bangalore. In Mumbai I presented on ASP.NET 2.0 along with Deepak Gulati of Microsoft India and on .NET 2.0 CLR Security enhancements with my fellow Microsoft Regional Director Sanjay Shetty from Mumbai. We had several hundred interested people and majority of them were programming in .NET on various Business Solutions.

As always I enjoy sharing the stage with Deepak, who is a good friend of mine. We first met up when he was working with me for the Microsoft NDTV Project, which I was leading way in 1999, during the last Indian Parliament elections. Happened to be an ACE “web” developer who develops at ease with both PERL and ASP.NET. After working in NDTV for couple of years after our project, he joined Microsoft where he has several successful projects to his credit. He is now in the Developer Evangelism group of MS India.

Sanjay Shetty needs no further introduction, other than saying he is the Mobility Expert in the country. Check out his blog for some photos of this event in Mumbai.

Last hour, I delivered the Keynote in the Bangalore event and managed to sneak back to my Room, to do this entry, before going down to do my ASP.NET Session.

Security Session Demos(179.61 KB)

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