Today evening I went to “ஆடாம ஜெயிச்சோமடா” film in S2 Thyagaraja theatre, Thiruvanmiyur. Since I went 30 minutes before the 7:20PM show time I comfortably got a parking spot  right in front of the lobby gate. Satyam Cinemas seem to have renovated this theatre completely and it feels modern and clean; still retaining the single “old” theatre charm in a world of Multiplexes.

Aadama Jaichomada is directed by Badri who has directed the remake of Thillu Mullu in 2013. The movie is starred by Karunakaran (Jigarthanda Oorani and Soodhu Kavvum fame) and Vijayalakshmi (of Chennai 600028 fame). Bobby Simha (Jigarthanda Assault Sethu) has done the main character of a police officer who is assisted by Chetan (Minbimbangal teleserial fame). All three have done a fine job of their respective characters. Karunakaran is sure go rounds in “budget” tamil films. Dialogues are written by RJ Shiva (Tamizh Padam) who also gives the voice over at places.

The story is about the betting scam in IPL Cricket and how Chennai police fumbles in handling the case. Intertwined is the story of a Call Taxi driver & his love story  and of a theatre owner producing a sure to fail movie. There is not much to say about the movie other than it makes you laugh in places and is fun. The fast pace of the movie keeps you entertained.

No vulgar dialogues, no violence. Enjoyable movie. I liked it.



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