Limited, the company behind went public earlier this month, it’s public listing (IPO) was over-subscribed 440%. To celebrate the successful listing, Mr.Murugavel Janikaraman had invited his friends and well-wishers for a dinner today at Leela Palace, Chennai.  It was a relaxed and cheerful evening with Sri Mahatria of Infinitheism delivering a short keynote address.

(Left to Right) Mr.Srinivasan of Vikatan, Mr.Murugavel of Matrimony, Tamil Nadu Minister (Mafoi) Mr.Pandiarajan, Mr.Jonah Stephen of Stephen Consulting, and, Venkatarangan

I have written (paraphrased) below few key points from what was being spoken.

Mr.Murugavel Janakiraman spoke of 5 key lessons he has learned from Mahatria, that he follows in his life:

  1. Do with a small beginning, keep doing incremental improvements, for getting sustained progress
  2. Goas far as you can go, once you have gone there, see further from there
  3. TheUnintended consequences will cause far greater progress for you, than intended consequences
  4. It is NOT from where to here, it is from here to where
  5. It’s about belief and strong faith in your belief

Sri.Mahatria, in his keynote address, spoke:

Muruga has spoken everything that I have to speak, before me!. He is a special human being – One person who genuinely cares about everyone’s success; he is someone whose heart celebrates everyone’s success.

I have observed how people behave when they have Rs.1 lakh with them, when they have Rs.10 lakhs, and when they get Rs.10 Crores. Somehow money, power and position corrupt even the nicest people.

Once you throw yourself to the public eye, you are open to everyone’s judgement. There is no human being who can get away from others judgement. You can’t control what the world thinks of you, but you can control who you are. For me, I regard what the world thinks of me is not my business. This has preserved my peace. Do your job and leave the world to worry about the rest. Even when my life was not going right, I said I am going right. Because I am going right, my life will become right itself. If I keep exercising regularly no mosquito will bother me, as my body will handle the infections.

I will tell Muruga this – Share market and share prices goes up and down. Leave it to the market. Focus on what you are good at. Eventually, the market will react the way we want. We have many milestones in our lives.

If there is still a single breath left for you, there is some cause for us in this world, that’s why the breath is still there.

Few things that I would like to share:

  1. Don’t share your challenges with people who can’t help you. When we are emotionally challenged, we share our problems to friends and family – we burden them as well, in the process we pick up negativity. We somehow seek sympathy. Since there is loneliness on top, leaders start sharing their problems with the people in the organisation. You can’t appear vulnerable inside your company. Psychologically don’t strip yourself naked in front of your people.
  2. ‎As leaders, you will look at getting consultants at some point to help. Even with the biggest consultants, you need to know how to use them. They themselves don’t know how to apply themselves. Its the same with senior hires. We focus so much on the development of the company, without focusing on our own self-development. Our organisation has become what it is because of us. Sometimes we become the bottleneck. You need to think about how to get best of people, the best from consultants. If you don’t reinvent a v2.0 of yourself, you can’t grow, the company can’t grow. 
  3. Develop a hobby. What can’t be achieved in twelve hours can’t be achieved in fourteen hours. What can’t be achieved in five days can’t be achieved in seven days. Because we work extra, we can’t achieve more. We become tight in the chair. A tense mind can’t create anything. The next brilliant idea will not come from a stressed mind. You would have noticed that some of your best ideas come when you are outside the office. They don’t come when you are in the boardroom. When playing with a child, the child triggers your idea. It takes 25 hours to learn a new skill – learn to swing in the golf course or learn swimming. When you switch from Activity A to Activity B, then when you get back to Activity A, you will get it right – the switch has made you more creative, you will be doing better. If nothing else, just walk an hour a day. Even 21 days of exercising will result in a quantum leap in yourself, will get you great ideas. Modifications will get you incremental improvements, you need geometric improvements, those will come from a relaxed mind.
  4. Take time for yourself. Everybody takes your time, but not yourself. You have become public property. You don’t have appointments with yourself. There is one person who is completely ignored in your life and that is you. Take a me with me holiday. Just 2-3 days and it’s easy. Then only, at the end of the journey, you will be a holistic wonder. If you are successful in one facet, it doesn’t allow you not to succeed in other facets of your life. If you are not there for your child’s school day, but in the boardroom, that’s what it means. The only place you will not be replaced will be your family, not the boardroom. The only way to feel wonderful is that I had been a holistic wonder, I succeeded in all facets of my life.
  5. The world needs you, be there for it. For me, spirituality is directly equal to peace and how peaceful you are?

If we do these, we can create a world that is abundantly healthy, abundantly wealthy.

It’s not the success that’s important, it’s the peace we have created in ourselves and around us.

With Mr.Murugavel Janakiraman of

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