I saw this book in a local bookstore the other day and immediately bought it in my KindleDX. With KindleDX I read it in two parts – the first few chapters I had the book read out to me using the Text to Speech while driving to work and back, the second part I read out the text (as a book). Either ways I enjoyed the book “Employees First, Customers Second” by HCL Tech CEO Vineet Nayar. The book talks about the concept of a value zone, the importance of empowering the people in the value zone, how the layers of management in an organization though needed adds little to the end value that goes to a customer, innovation happening from ground level employees, benefits of employee self-service portals and tools. Of all the concepts in the book, the idea of “Value Zone” did capture my imagination.


I always feel that CEOs of Indian Firms are not as forthcoming in sharing the story of their journeys (success or failures)  in form of books as much as their American counterparts. For an Indian business, the story of how a firm in India made it to the top is more relevant than the hundreds of stories of Fortune 100 firms in USA. This book addresses this need quite nicely.

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