One of my all-time favourite Tamil comedy films is Thillu Mullu (1981) directed by K.Balachander and starring Rajnikanth and ‘Thengai’ Srinivasan. The dialogues in that movie by Director Visu is a classic, remembered by Tamilians around the world for the unadulterated humour and timing. The movie was a remake of the original Hindi Film “Gol Maal”.

In recent years Thamizh Padam starring RJ Shiva is a film I enjoyed immensely for the comedy.

When both were combined (Story from 1981 Thillu Mullu film and RJ Shiva as lead actor) into this remake Thillu Mullu (2013) I was looking forward to it. The film is starred Shiva & Isha Talwar along with Prakash Raj, Directed by Badri. Shiva has delivered a fine performance trying to differentiate between the two characters he plays in the film. Isha Talwar (who I keep confusing Priya Anand) has done her role well as a college girl and love affair of Shiva. The scenes where Shiva teaches Isha Karate by opening and closing table drawer, though inspired by Jackie Chan Karate Kid, was fun and well scripted. For Prakash Raj, this role was a cakewalk which he has walked with ease. Dialogues by Director Badri himself have come out well.

Overall, the remake though not living up to the legendary version was still enjoyable. There were some tweaks made to make the story in line with present times.

சிவா நடித்துள்ள தில்லு முல்லு (2013)

சிவா நடித்துள்ள தில்லு முல்லு (2013)

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