I have been reading about Python (programming language) for last few years and wanted to learn it. But over the years in my work I have become more of the Dilbert’s Pointy Haired Manager and haven’t done any actual coding for many years. So the idea to learn a language and start typing, doing real work looked daunting. As experts say, we humans are animals of habit and getting out of your comfort zone is difficult.

I said to myself let me make the first step on this, even though I was not sure whether I will pursue it further. Python.org website has all the necessary learning materials, guides, manuals and tools (all for free) to learn and program in Python.

There is a .NET Framework based implementation of Python language called IronPython which is popular with Microsoft technology developers. Iron Python compiles Python language code to an executable that runs on top of .NET Framework and Runtime. Programs written in IronPython can use both Python libraries and .NET language libraries. Microsoft through CodePlex community has released Python Tools for Visual Studio, which integrates IronPython seamlessly in Visual Studio IDE. Using PyTools Visual Studio turns into a full-fledged Python IDE.

New Python Project from Visual Studio 2013

New Python Project from Visual Studio 2013

PyTools is free, so are Visual Studio Express editions, making it convenient for anyone interested to start with Python & VS. I have in my PC, Visual Studio Ultimate edition in which I installed PyTools. The installation was smooth and I got options to create a Python project in the familiar Visual Studio “New Project” wizard, which I did.

iron python programming with visual studio 2013

iron python programming with visual studio 2013

Excited on seeing the output, in my typical style I went ahead and purchased following 3 books to further learn Python:

  1. Python in Easy Steps by Mike Mcgrath (the book appears simplistic but is worth reading as the first book on Python) – Rs.209
  2. Programming Python 4th Edition by Mark Lutz (this is a big fat book of over 1650 pages, has everything about Python) – Rs.939
  3. Think Python by Allen Downey – Rs.428

Let us see if the books gather dust or I read them and learn Python!

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