Today I saw this movie “The Ghost Writer” directed by Roman Polanski. The story is about a “Ghost” writer (Ewan McGregor) contracted to write the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister and it turns risky to his own life as he unearths an international conspiracy. The former PM (Pierce Brosman) happens to be in Martha’s Vineyard (USA) & much of the story happens there in a remote village. This location adds a sense of mystery and anticipation to the story. Throughout the movie you sense something going wrong and is hidden from the Writer, but you are kept guessing on what’s that. In the climax after the former British Prime Minister is assassinated the climax turns out to be great. I expected the mystery to be complicated but it turns out that you can say it in 3 letters.

Nicely taken movie Roman Polanski has told the story marvelously, I recommend you to watch it.

The Ghost Writer (Film)

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