• Python code for listing movies from IMDB, Wikipedia and Wordpress blog
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    Python code to list movie details

    This post and code has been updated as on 21th November 2019. The other day, I wanted to retrieve posts from my own blog corresponding to a list of movies from IMDB. If not found in my blog, it should retrieve the information from Wikipedia. I thought I can cook-up a Python script for it in an hour or so. It turned out to be nearly more than a full days work. Reasons for the long time taken were my level of Python skills, the unavailability of public APIs for IMDB, learning on how to call IMDB package, Wikipedia package, the WordPress APIs (initially I went with using RSS from…

  • Python - Tamil OCR and Translate

    Python and Google Cloud Vision for Tamil text

    Update: If you are looking for a simpler way to do Tamil Text OCR, then check this post which shows how you can do with batch files. Learning anything new is NOT easy. And doing it yourself is tough after for years you had a team who can do it faster and better than you. I am talking about me (learning &) writing code in Python programming language. A few weeks ago, I wrote (mostly copy ‘n’ paste) a couple of snippets in Python to do Speech To Text, and, Text to Voice, for the Tamil language – the blog post is here. I followed that with a small program…

  • Sample in Python for Tamil Speech

    Python code snippets for Speech in Tamil

    Using Python is fun. In a matter of minutes, I was able to build a rudimentary speech to text recognition app, for Tamil. And after that, in reverse, that is, to speak out loud a sentence of given Tamil text. Speech to Text: I got the base code from here. You need to install SpeechRecognition package (available through PIP) and PyAudio (available through PIP in Linux, but on Windows, you need to install appropriate package from here). Text to Speech: When I posted the above code, I got a reader request for a code that does the reverse – to speak out loud a sentence of given Tamil text. I…