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From today for next four days Shraddha, the Tamil theatre group are staging their new Tamil Play ”Yavarkkum oru kaadhal” (யாவர்க்குமாம் ஒரு காதல்) at Narada Gana Sabha Hall. The play’s cast include Kathadi Ramamurthy, Girish, Sichitra Ravi, Swaminathan & others. For previous plays I mostly get to watch on the last or last but one staging, surprisingly for this one I managed to watch it on the first day.

The story is about how parents (Single Mother-Single Father) of a love couple fall in love themselves. The veteran actor Mr.Kathadi Ramamurthy has delivered a fine performance, considering his age he was the most energetic on stage. I liked the performance of the actor who performed as Dr.Romeo. It was a tricky character, you need to deliver it with humour but risk coming out as a clown, he has expertly walked that rope and his body movements in- tune to the music was great. The story being an one-liner felt dragged for 2 hours unnecessarily, had it been shortened it could have turned out to be more enjoyable. The dialogues felt natural & well written.

Anyways, for the relative newcomers on stage in the play all the best, everyone delivered their roles aptly.

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