I have a liking for Vijay Antony‘s films, that may be due to the stories he opts for, and for his non-heroic performances! He certainly has to improve as an actor, but that doesn’t stop him from trying and I like that. Kaali (2018), his latest film, is about a successful heart surgeon Bharath (played by Vijay Antony) who sees in his dreams a little boy being chased by a bull – to figure out why he gets this dream and to identify his biological parents he comes to India and settles in a small village.

Immediately on arrival, Bharath discovers the actual place of his dreams and his mother’s identity- I thought this revelation will make rest of the film uneventful, yet thankfully Director Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi keeps the movie going with the suspense alive of who is the father till the end. Yogi Babu’s character as Gopi, a resident of the village gets introduced in a fun way, he almost single-handedly keeps the audience entertained in the first half, he has given a fine performance in the film – for me any day his comedy is better than Actors like Suri who keep rehashing the same. With the help of Gopi, Bharath reaches to a few suspects in the village – Bharath collects blood samples from as many as possible in the village and does DNA analysis to identify his parents’ families. With each person that Bharath reaches we see their individual flashback, their lost love and in each of them, Vijay Antony stars as the protagonist. Though each of the flashback stories features a different couple, Director has ensured consistency between all of them as they are happening around the same year Bharath was born.

Sunaina has done her role well. After many years, Anjali appears attractive in this film, though her role as an Ayurvedic doctor was limited. The background theme music reminded me of previous films of Vijay Antony like Saithan and Pichaikkaran.

Overall, for me, Kaali was not great but was certainly watchable.

Rating: Raw

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