When my friend called for a movie today it was for Tamil film “Nimirnthu Nil”, since that didn’t release today, we went for “300 Rise of an empire”. This film is a sequel to 2006 film 300 which I haven’t watched, so I wasn’t sure I will follow it. Luckily, it was like any other Hollywood action film with little story and simple to understand.

The 3D film is about a fictional retelling of Greek/Persian wars, most of the scenes happening on mid-sea. I thought I will feel bored as its yet another under-dog protagonist winning against all odds by his smart war maneuver, defying death many many times when people around him dying in thousands.  In this film the under-dog was Themistocles of Athens (acted by Sullivan Stapleton) against wildly outnumbered Persian army and navy. Thanks to some good Direction by Noam Murro, I was kept interested throughout the movie, which is an accomplishment considering you pretty much know what’s going to happen.

Though this film is supposed to feel historical and real, I got an impression it’s all Computer Graphics (Animation) rather than being awed by the special effects & costumers (which were not bad). This feeling prevented me from enjoying the movie more. Both the main (Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green) have done a fine job.

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