I have been using as my primary laptop a Macbook Air running (obviously) Windows Vista for last six months. Everything is great with the laptop – the lightweight and the very cool design. There are only three things I don’t like in this laptop: No right mouse button, Only one USB port, Problem with Wake up after sleep. The first two I can’t do anything about, but the last one I can try to fix by a driver update. A check in Apple site didn’t show up any updates for Bootcamp for Vista. Then looking into Device Manager I realized the graphics card in Macbook Air is Intel Mobile 965 Express, so going to Intel support site I downloaded the latest update: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family Ver.# Date: Oct 11, 2008 for Windows Vista 32

Installing this, solved my wake up problems. If you have a Macbook Air, running Windows Vista and having problems with the machine coming up after sleep, I highly recommend this upgrade.

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