Storytelling & Anna Nagar Tower Park

With Chennai Metro construction going on in full swing at Anna Nagar area, I despise going there due to the logjam traffic. Today I had to go there for taking my son to a Story Telling workshop conducted at Little Millennium play school by Tale spin (part of Story telling association). I decided to wait there for next 2 hours instead of going and coming back.


Next two hours I went around 5th Avenue and 2nd Avenue area of Anna Nagar, I spotted Iyappan Temple and then Anna Nagar Tower Park.


The Anna Nagar Tower Park (Dr. Visveswaraya Tower Park) has been more than two decades I went there, the place was much beautiful and bigger than I imagined. After many untoward incidents in the past, public are not allowed to the top of the tower, but the park is open to everyone. The tower has appeared in many Tamil movies in the past decades, example being in this song from S.Ve.Shekar starring comedy movie “Manal Kayiru”.

The inauguration stone says it was opened by then Vice-President of India, Dr.V.V.Giri on 21st January 1968.

Venkatarangan920_20130223_042  Venkatarangan920_20130223_018

The Anna Nagar Tower Park is quite large and lot of open spaces, with areas for kids to play, sports, open air theatre, lake & fountains (not working). I could see students doing there reading, professionals working on there laptops, practising Karate, discussing business, holding meetings, some just relaxing and lot of young couples having a good time.





All photos of Anna Nagar Tower Park were taken with my new Nokia Lumia 920 camera.