Good Habits DVD for Kids

Yesterday while I went to Ranganathan Street area in T.Nagar (Chennai) for visiting our LIFCO Showroom there, I saw few CD stores. I went to one of them “Srinivasa Music Collection” in Ramanathan Street (near Rameswaram Road end). I presumed it is one of those shops selling English movies dubbed in Tamil and loads of MP3 CDs (Both of which they did have), but I was surprised to find a decent collection of Carnatic, Devotional and Kids CD & DVDs made in Chennai. I bought few K.Veermani Audio CDs, two Kids DVD and a DVD from Geethanjali on Temples of India (Tamilnadu).

Good Habits

One of the Kids DVD I bought was “Good Habits” which is an animated video explaining to young kids on how to keep their body parts healthy (Eye, Nose, Ears individually), Table Manners, Toilet Cleanliness, behaving with friends, neighbours and the like. It was made by a local company Magicbox who are based in Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai. At Rs.125/- I was not sure whether to buy or not – I was doubtful on the quality of the production. Now in the morning today I played it for my son and it turned out to be well made and worth the money.


  • chaitali

    it is really exciting to know that new DVDs can be seen only for kids. these days kids are getting spoiled due to violent games. i wish them from my heart. MY kid will now stick to the TV for something good. recently he insisted on buying a new desktop which had all recent specs. he will not listen any of us. he is a bit stubborn. but thanks atleast he does understand our budget and was ready to buy affordable desktop.

    I followed the site

    and to my surprise they all had all specs that my son was looking for. I am impressed.
    Moreover the delivery is within 10 days and at any location so there was nothing to worry about. above all they do not accept credit cards but prefer cash or cheque deposit. which is not fraudulent.