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Corniche Kennedy (2016)

Corniche Kennedy (2016)  is a French drama about a bunch of teenagers over a summer enjoying themselves on the beaches of Marseille, France. In the beginning, the film impresses you with its authenticity but later slides into cliche territory. Hence it gets a Raw rating from Mangoidiots. It is available for free viewing from the Institut francais website till the 10th of April 2021.

The film by director Dominique Cabrera starts on a highway bridge overlooking the sea below. A bunch of kids are risking a jump from there to a depth of several tens of feet. These are kids from the poorer background of the town, they are just enjoying themselves and spending their time together. Soon a girl from an affluent family sees them and joins them, thus forming a strong bond of friendship. What happens next? Do they stay together is the story.

If the film remained within the youngsters it would’ve turned out to be better. Instead, it veers into drug trafficking, perhaps a real problem for the society there, but makes the film artificial. It is worth checking out if you wish to see a bit of candid style film-making.

Corniche Kennedy (2016) 
Corniche Kennedy (2016)

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