It has been just over a year since I had an iPad, but it has become the primary way I consume content in my house or how I share content when I am with friends & family. During this period (last 15 months) Microsoft announced Windows 8 & gave all Build attendees (including me) a Samsung Windows8 Tablet, Enterprises took to iPad with an unexpected pace, I purchased an iMac for my home, and my son broke my iPad2 glass, I got an Eye-Fi card to wirelessly see photos in iPad that I take with my Nikon D7000 & finally with a “potential” iPad rival getting announced – Microsoft Surface announcement. So when I had to part my iPad2 for testing the apps we are building at my office, I needed to have a new one immediately.

So what model did I buy & from where? I went with an “iPad New 64GB WiFi Black”, I needed 64GB because I love to carry many TV-Shows, Movies,  & most of my Music & Photos collections; I didn’t want to pay more for 4G (which doesn’t exist yet in India) and I can connect to the Internet through iPhone4 Internet Sharing (which works great & saves me from having one more SIM connection). I was not keen on the Retina display but the faster Processor (A5X) and the fact that iPad2 with 64GB WIFI was not widely available anymore, convinced me to go with the iPad new.

I looked around at local electronic stores (Univercell, iStore, Croma) but none of them carried stocks of the 64GB WI-FI model. I couldn’t find any Apple products on Flipkart (my favourite e-commerce site in India) so on a co-worker’s recommendation, I purchased it online for Rs.42,500 from BuyThePrice. This time instead of an expensive & not so useful Apple Smart Cover, I purchased the “Targus THZ157AP-50 Protective Case” for Rs.2499 from Croma. It felt nice & comfortable. Strangely I had the case with me before the iPad arrived. BuyThePrice took a whole week to deliver it to me (including the Eid holiday in between) with no communication after the order completion. But on delivery I was impressed, it came neatly packed in Apple’s original packing, carrying everything that is supposed to be there from Apple.

iPad New 64GB Wi-Fi

iPad New 64GB Wi-Fi

So why a new iPad now especially with Microsoft Surface just a few months away? Microsoft Surface is awesome but it is not available today (and Surface Pro will be available only after 5-6 months from now) and it will take a few more months for all apps I love & need to be available. For sure I will be buying a Microsoft Surface Pro (x86) when it gets sold in India, but that will replace both my Laptop & iPad, as I can new “Windows 8” Apps & as well as all the Desktops apps that I need including iTunes. Then this “new” iPad will then be gifted by me to my wife!

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