I had written in 2009 about how Nokia 2626 then an entry level phone supported Unicode rendering and Tamil texts. Today this post is kind of an update to that.

Today for a friend of mine visiting Chennai for a week, I purchased an entry level Nokia phone – Nokia 100 for Rs.1100 from Saravana Selvarathnam in Ranganathan Street, Chennai. When I played with it, I realized it supports having User Interface in 6 to 7 Indian Languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and so on. I was curious whether it was UI alone  in local language or whether I can input as well. It turned out I can input in local language (Tamil in my case) as well with ease. With some 5 minutes of practice I got the hang of the keyboard method – it is kind of a T9 version of TamilNet99 layout.

I sent the following message (see images below) from my iPhone (Airtel SIM) to this Nokia 100 Phone (BSNL SIM). It reached and got displayed just fine. I did the reverse, sent a message from Nokia 100 to iPhone – that worked as well.

I am so happy to see this seamless Tamil SMS being transmitted between operators and working across devices at extreme price points (Nokia 100 is Rs.1100 and iPhone is at a premium price of Rs.45000).

Tamil Unicode SMS sent from iPhone to Nokia 100

Nokia 100 showing Tamil Unicode SMS received

Nokia 100 showing Tamil Unicode SMS sent

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