Recently I was checking out one of Nokia’s entry-level phone (Rs.2000) – Nokia 2626. The phone had “Hindi” letters printed on the keyboard, so I was doubtful whether it will have Tamil fonts. I launched the built-in browser and went to INFITT website (HTML page in Unicode), it said loading and processing for over 2 minutes; but I was delighted finally to see the page display properly in Tamil (you can see the image in right).

This means that this entry-level device has 1. Unicode support, 2. Tamil Unicode font, 3. Rendering support for Indic languages in particular to Tamil.  This proves the present Unicode system for Indic languages does work even on the most basic/low-end devices and processors. So the reason Tamil Unicode is not yet supported widely on all phones especially high-end Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry & Nokia Smartphones is not that of any technical limitations, but a lack of interest from the manufacturers to ship Tamil (Indic) support. It is mostly got to do with the wrong assessment by them, that all Smartphone buyers in India can read and care only about “English” and not their mother tongue.

nokia 2626 tamil wap page

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