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Install HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A in Windows 8

As Windows8 comes closer to launch, I have decided I will spend more time using it on my Desktop. So last week I setup Windows 8 on my main workstation inside a VirtualBox image. Installing it is pretty straightforward in VirtualBox, except for few settings that are outlined in Windows8 Blog or here. The settings that worked for me are given below.

VirtulBox-Windows8-System-Motherboard Settings


VirtulBox-Windows8-System-Acceleration Settings

My challenge was to get my new HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus drivers installed. As usual HP writes Drivers which have poor OS Version checking. So I have to hack my way to trick the installer to think it is running on a Windows 7 machine rather than Windows 8.

First step is to download the Basic Print and Scan Driver from HP website & not the full download. In x64 environment the file I got now had a file name of OJ8500_A910_Basic_x64_231.exe

Second is to run the installer, which will extract the files and fail.

Next is to use Windows Explorer, go to %temp% folder (which is the temporary folder where the extracted files from previous step resides). Look for a folder with name starting with 7zS and some digits after that, easiest way is to sort folders based on Date Modified and pick up the latest one. In my case the folder was 7zS11E3 (remember the last four digits will be a random number).

Inside the folder, look for a file called A910nx64.exe, right-click on that and say troubleshoot-compatibility. It will do the following “Skip Version Check”. Then run the “Test the Program”.

HP OfficeJet Pro in Windows8 - A910nx64.exe

Lastly, go to the same folder, look for a file called Setup.exe, right-click Properties, in Compatibility tab setup Compatibility Mode to “Windows 7”, apply settings. Then run the program. This should start a wizard which will detect and install your printer.

HP OfficeJet Pro in Windows8 - setup.exe

After all these not everything worked, but basic Printing & Scanning should work fine.