iMovie in iPhone4 is cool

I came across and purchased iMovie today for my iPhone4. I was curious to see how you can do video editing on a small screen in a handheld.

In general, I have found Video Editing to be like a miniature rocket science course. I use Windows Live Movie Maker for quick edits and publish to YouTube as it is easy to approach and use. For anything even a little important I struggle my way each time with Adobe Premiere Elements.

With this background, iMovie on iPhone4 was super cool to use. It took me less than 5 minutes to figure out the way in the App, compose this video (below), trim it and publish it to YouTube – and all of them from my iPhone. Of course, the App is very limited on what it can do. But isn’t that what makes it so easy to use, anyways you are not going to doing special effects in a handheld.