Merry Christmas

This is the third consecutive year we have kept a Christmas tree in our house. We started having a small table-top tree for the last two years as my son wanted it. I too felt it, to be a nice festive thing to have.  This year I decided to go for a six-feet tall tree (artificial of course) with all the decorations & lights.

Thanks to my co-worker “Beula” and her friends who came to our house today to have it decorated nicely (for records, my 6-year-old son helped too :-) ), the tree is looking lovely.

Merry Christmas & Wish you all a very happy New Year!

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  • Manikandan

    Nice and what a coincedence..

    When my 3 year old son gave me a Christmas tree he made at his home montessory school here in TX, USA, (the fact is the teacher also being an Hindu), I thought may be our kids are lucky to celebrate both Hindu culture and Christian culture! I am happy to know, Chennai is also getting there..

    "Vaazhga Samathuvam..Valarga Makkal Neyam"