I was invited by one of the team members in Vishwak’s media team for his marriage (nikah) today. Many of us from Vishwak attended his marriage today which happened in a Hotel in Egmore, Chennai.  This was the first time I was attending a Muslim wedding religious act (the earlier Muslim weddings I have gone have been for the reception events). It was very interesting for me to see different ritual methods for a wedding from the common Hindu weddings I am used to. I was lucky I had seated next to me a team member from Vishwak who was a Muslim and who got married recently (which is more important, since he remembers them vividly), explain me in simple terms about the rituals.

I am sure there are more religious explanations, but in simple lay-man terms the Muslim wedding I attended to, happened like the following:

  • The wedding hall was divided into two sections – one for Male guests and the other for Female guests. In general, I believe female guests (especially non-muslims) can be seated in the Male area, but not vice-versa
  • The bridegroom comes to the stage in Male area escorted by his friends/family male members
  • The bride comes to the stage in Female area escorted by her friends/family female members
  • Then the religious ceremony was conducted by religious elders/priest. The priest reads verses from the Quran
  • Thereafter the groom signs a legal document of marriage, along with his father & bride’s father, witnesses sign, then it goes to bride to sign
  • Then the friends and family wished the bride and the groom separately and take photographs
  • A good meal (Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian separately)  was served for all the guest to enjoy
  • Then after some time, the bride and groom see each other and jointly welcome the guests

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