Unbelievable it was almost twenty-five years that the first instalment in this franchise, Toy Story (1995) got released. That film catapulted Pixar and the whole category of animated movies to new levels. The next two instalments Toy Story 2 and 3 that came in 1999 and 2010, kept the excitement alive of watching Toys being able to walk and talk, anthropomorphism in short. There is only so much you can extend a franchise with sequels, so I was sceptical about Toy Story 4. Surprisingly, Disney has succeeded in producing a great film that people of all ages can enjoy.

Toy Story 4 has the simplest of a story line and that was the charm. Bonnie, the kid who now owns Woody and others, makes a new toy (forky) out of a fork and she is attached to it. Forky gets lost and it is up to Woody and the gang to reunite forky with Bonnie while doing so, they need to overcome their new adversary Gabby, who is after Woody’s voice box.

The climax was the best, especially the scene where Trixie and others mimic to be the RV’s inbuilt GPS to trick Bonnie’s father to drive to where they want. This is likelty to be the finale of the Toy Story series, so don’t miss it!


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