I saw this movie The Shawshank Redemption a year or so back on a long flight. Unfortunately I started the movie after its 10th minute or so (when the main character Andy gets into the high security prison of 1940’s the Shawshank State Prison) and stopped just before the climax began, so I missed the highlight of the movie – the famous prison break. The part of the movie that I saw where a friendship blossoms between the two inmates (played by Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman) was excellent that I have been wanting to see the movie in full. After I returned I searched for this movie with possible keywords that I could remember like Prison break and so on, but since the movie title was difficult for me to recall I couldn’t find it.

Recently about a week back, in one of the so called Stupid videos reposted in FaceBook by a friend I saw this movie title (the video had used the same name sound track) and I remembered about this movie. Today I traced the movie and finished watching the portions I missed. After watching it fully now and doing some reading on the Internet about the movie, I feel this – the thing about this movie is that you cannot forget it, when I watched the portions I missed today I could vividly recall the scenes I watched before and I am not good with memory. The movie certainly seems to leave a mark of itself in you. The movie was first released in 1994 and you can see many of the later years Tamil movies with Prison stories seem have been liberal with their inspiration borrowed from this movie.

A must watch, don’t miss it.

Writer/Director Frank Darabont and the cast of "The Shawshank Redemption" speak about the film's growth

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