Recently on Television, I saw the news about Anna University Coimbatore implementing a complete automated Exam Management system. They seem to have implemented online solutions to manage all the phases of examinations in a university. This includes Question Paper Authoring, Hall Ticket printing, Secure Question Paper delivery and Evaluation of answer sheets.

In all this, what caught my attention was the Answer sheet evaluation process.  Normally when you think of automation, you tend to think of students taking the test on a computer (CBT-like model). But here, the tests are taken by students with traditional paper/pen; after which the answer sheets are scanned by a back office operation; then each examiner sitting in their own college/university can log in online, see the answer sheets and evaluate. This saves a lot of costs incurred by each examiner travelling, lodging, venue and more.

Good luck to the university for the success of this scheme.

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