I had a different experience today evening. I actually played drums! Yes I played a musical instrument.


Yours truly with a percussion instrument (daf)

TiE Chennai had organised their Charter member meet today as a precursor to annual TiECon event, before the dinner we had a musical treat by Mr.S.Murali Krishnan, who runs Jus Drums a School for Percussion in Chennai.  The sheer number of instruments he had around him and the ease with which he moved between them was a delight to watch. Within the first 10 minutes he managed to get the room full of suits energised and raring to go. As a highlight Murali made every one in the audience join him in playing a rhythm, by handing out to the 50-60 people in audience, a percussion instrument each.I got to play a Daf, others got a Tamborim or a Tambourine. It was fun, thanks Murali.



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