Landmark bookstores in Chennai are running a super sale of selective books with discounts up to 60% until October 2nd, 2007. I was there shopping yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see few good books worth buying offered in the sale. (Disclaimer: I don’t work for Landmark or getting paid to post this)

Here are the books I bought (with the original price in brackets):

  1. The Seven-Day Weeknd by Ricardo Semler at Rs.199 (987)
  2. Bad boy Ballmer by Fredric Alan Maxwell at Rs.299 (1159)
  3. Men of Steel by Vir Sanghvi at Rs.199 (295)
  4. The HP Way by David Packard at Rs.199 (643)
  5. Dilbert: Build a Better Life by Stealing Office Supplies by Scott Adams at Rs.99 (509)
  6. Dilbert: Thriving on vague objectives by Scott Adams at Rs.199 (471)
  7. Dilbert: Random acts of management by Scott Adams at Rs.249 (471)
  8. Dilbert: Dilbert and the way of the weasel Audiobook by Scott Adams at Rs.225 (944)
  9. Free Prize Inside /Purple Cow Audiobook by Seth Godin at Rs.250 (1589)
  10. Tough Choices Audiobook by Carly Fiorina at Rs.350 (1503)
  11. Who says Elephants can’t Dance Audiobook by Louis Gerstner Jr. at Rs.399 (1288)

In the next few months as I finish reading (or listening) to them, I will post my reviews here. Stay tuned!

Update 2/Oct/2007: Not being satisfied with the above, I went again today and bought the following titles.

  1. Blue Streak by Barbara S.Peterson at Rs.225 (1073)
  2. The Dragon and The Elephant by David Smith at Rs.250
  3. Buddha by Deepak Chopra at Rs.395
  4. The Romance of Tata Steel at Rs.495
  5. Profitable Growth by Ram Charan at Rs.249 (946)
  6. The new imperialists by Mark Leibovich at Rs.149 (1075)
  7. Managing a time of great change by Peter F.Drucker at Rs.299 (1073)
  8. Blog! by David Kline at Rs.299 (1073)
  9. The story of My Experiments with Truth by M.K.Gandhi – Audiobook read by Shekhar Kapur and Nandita Das at Rs.200 (250)

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