Today I was invited to present on “A Case Study – on my experiences as being an Entrepreneur”. The event was Computer Society of India’s National Symposium on PREPARING IT PROFESSIONALS FOR 2010- A ROAD MAP. The event was featured in “The Hindu” Education Plus supplement dated 26, March 2007 (Low-Res PDF, Hi-Res PDF).

I enjoyed presenting in this, especially to see the enthuism and the energy with students.

A Case Study - on my experiences as being an Entrepreneur

You can read the references notes I used for the talk here – PPTX Format, PDF Format. It is not very detailed as I didn’t project it as a slideshow.

In this connection, I remembered an Interview of me done around 2003 by Pallavi Aravind Narasimhan from Friendsofsvce (One of Alumni Associations of my college). Most of it is relevant, but remember it was four years back!

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