What I started casually has now completed THREE YEARS and into its Fourth Year. I am talking about this blog that you are reading (www.venkatarangan.com/blog). I started it more as a log book – but now has become a reference and as a good outlet for me. I myself keep coming back to this blog mostly to reference on some links or recollect on how I felt on a issue or technology sometime back. Blogging has convinced me that who you are here, your thoughts changes on the experiences you keep having – and the experiences themselves change on time; in short we evolve over time.

If you haven’t started blogging, please do so – and remind yourself constantly to keep posting. In reality if you prepare for each post mentally before hand it takes only few minutes for the actual post to be done.

If you are wondering what happened to me over last few weeks – here is the scoope. Over the Christimas ’06 I was in a much needed vacation with my family in Hosala Village near Belur, Helibedu temples; over the last few weeks business traveling in USA and London. Will post about the places and photos of these trips shortly – stay tuned.

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