Cricket World Cup 2007 has finally begun today. A two-month marathon of some of the finest teams and games of cricket will be played in the Caribean Islands. Though “1” billion Indians love the sport and watch it occasionally, the noise level about the game in the recent few weeks have been deafening. The amount of money, advertisers are pouring to the sponsorship is really huge – unheard of in India & Asia before. All the radios, websites, mobile phones carry nothing but about “upcoming” World Cup. I am doing this post while watching the first match between West Indies and Pakistan with the PIP feature of Samsung SyncMaster 910MP. In the stadium again, I am seeing mostly Indian Companies advertisements.

Is it all warranted?, I am not sure.

The matches are happening from 7:30 PM IST, so most of the people in India will be catching up on the match from their Telly. One good thing I like the attention on World Cup is that it does distract people from everyday worries and relax a bit – including myself.

As a business, I am feeling great and certainly not complaining – as at Vishwak we are working on several cool projects on Web/Mobile for the World Cup for our Media customers.

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