It’s new year eve. Wife asked me where do we go to celebrate. We are not party goers, neither are we too religious to stand in 20 hour long queues for darshan in a temple. I don’t like crowd, I will do everything to avoid where there are lot of people. I hate traffic jams. All this leaves me little choice to do on what to do on News’ year eve.

So we decided to go to beach. We drove down to Marina Beach around 11PM yesterday. All entrances barricaded , regular parking place near Gandhi statue was blocked temporarily by Police. We headed to Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar expecting the same. Surprisingly  they allowed us to turn left into 5th Avenue and park our cars near Rajaji Bhavan complex. After 100 meters into 5th Avenue, entry to the beach road was blockaded. It was pedestrians only in Elliot’s promenade. That was a nice feeling. There was no crowd, though few hundred including women and children can be seen spread across the area near the road and the beach. A hundred or so had conglomerated near the police booth – Chennai City Police had a banner wishing Happy New Year. They were orderly, no fireworks or music. In that sense, pretty dull.

Besant Nagar Elliot's Promenade on eve of New Year 2015

Besant Nagar Elliot’s Promenade on eve of New Year 2015

We walked around. Took few selfies, shared it to all our friends and family, wished them all Happy New Year and headed back home.

To all my readers, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015. 

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