Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 starring Santhanam and Shritha Sivadas, was exactly what it advertised to be – a lowbrow comedy with a few ghosts thrown in. Yet, the film was enjoyable – in most places, the comedy by Santhanam and ‘Mottai’ Rajendran works and invoked laughter in the theatre.

An easy to guess plot – hero falling in love with a girl, who is possessed by a ghost and he fights bravely his way to win her hand. Yes, the climax happens in a Ghost Bungalow. With the limited plot at hand, Director Rambhala has given a good screenplay. Background score by Shabir was adequate.

Go for this movie, if you want to come out laughing – don’t expect anything of substance!

Shritha Sivadas and Santhanam – தில்லுக்கு துட்டு 2

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