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Thuppakki Munai (2018)

துப்பாக்கி முனை (Thuppakki Munai) is a cop thriller with a simple storyline that has been told interestingly. Vikram Prabhu has got a good break with this film, his previous few films like Pakka (2018) have been bad.  

Birla Bose (Vikram Prabhu) is a mumbai cop, who has over 30 encounters to his (dis)credit and feared across the country by the underworld. He is assigned to Rameswaram to handle the case of a rape & murder by a maoist.  Unexpectedly, there he encounters a truth that transforms him and the place completely.

Fine dialogues and good direction by Dinesh SelvarajHansika Motwani has got a limited role. It is M S Bhaskar and Vela Ramamoorthy (of Sethupathi fame) who have got longer screen time and delivered well their respective roles as the father to a rape victim and as the main villain.

Thuppakki Munai (2018)

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