I am posting this from Connect 2006 event which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister for Tamil Nadu Mr.Karunanidhi along with Hon’ble Central Cabinet Minister Mr.Dayanidhi Maran. Connect is happening in the city for several years and though it is not a spectacular extravaganza event; it does generate good industry interest. Today’s event was attended by industry stalwarts from TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and others. At Vishwak we had exhibited in Connect 2004, but this year they don’t have any exhibition floor and it is only a confence and networking setup.

CM inaugurated by a e-switch HP’s new outsourcing facility in Olympia Park, Guindy and he also proposed for a new upcoming IT Park “Tidel” in Coimbatore (Kovai). Kovai was also named a mode Tier-II for IT in the state and the CM assured the audience that all support including IT parks will be done to other Tier-II cities including Trichy, Madurai, Salem and Tirunelveli.

I personally see no reasons why Outsourcing can’t be done from Tier-II cities; It definitely is going to succeed and is going to be the trend. When IT Outsourcing can work across continents and thousands of miles why the work can’t move from Bangalore, Chennai to Kovai and Madurai?. All you need is availability of good people, power & connectivity. Out of this People are mobile (if you can give them good offers they can be made available now anywhere), Power & Infrastructure is where you need the local governments to help and have a vision, Connectivity will automatically follow where there is demand.

Being my home state, I wish the event all success.

As a side note, Tamil Virtual University (TVU) Chairman Dr.V.C.Kuzhaindaiswamy today presented the strategic paper on alternate 16-bit Tamil Encoding to Hon’ble CM, which was discussed last week.

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