Iraivi (2016) is the third film of acclaimed director Karthik Subbaraj, I had thoroughly enjoyed his previous film Jigarthanda (2014). Iraivi meaning Goddess is a story about how the paternal society suffocates women in Tamil families, it exemplifies on how a foolish act of a husband destroys the lady’s entire life. It’s a heavy script which a young director like Karthik has handled exceptionally well, congratulations to him.

Though the film has Vijay Sethupathi and Bobby Simha in lead roles, it is S.J.Surya who steals the thunder, he has given his career best performance in this film and that’s something as he has done well in his last film Isai (2015) too.

Arul (S.J.Surya) is a famous Movie Director, whose last film though completed never gets released due to his differences with the film producer who owns the copyright. Dejected he is a drunkard now who ruins his own life, the lives of his wife Yazhini (Kamalinee Mukherjee) and his father’s (Radharavi).  Arul’s father is an accomplished sculputor (stapati in Tamil) and his brother Jagan (Bobby Simha) is a graduate student. Arul’s mother (Vadivukkarasi) is bedridden due to the ill-treatment of her husband. Chittapa (played by Chennu Mohan) is assistant to Arul’s father, his brother son is Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) who runs the art gallery owned by the family. Michael has high regards towards Arul’s family and will do anything for them. Michael’s wife is Ponni (Anjali) a village girl who has dreams of having a loving husband and a happy married life. What happens in the end for these 3 men – Arul, Jagan & Michael is Iravi.

The film in parts come out brilliant – the dreams of 3 women, issue of stealing of antique temple idols, struggle of a creator (Arul), loyalty of Michael, love between Arul and Yazhini, trechory of Jagan; unfortunately instead of being served a banquet meal what we get is a potpourri, which leaves us with no single taste to remember.


Iravi is a film shouting to be recognized for it’s Director’s brilliance, but falling short of it’s potential due to absence of any new angles explored.

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