After waiting for months, today morning I was pleasantly surprised to get Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) update for my Sony Xperia Z3 phone. I saw the update only when I connected the phone through USB to my iMac with Sony Bridge for Mac software. For some unknown reason the Android 6.0 update was not showing up in the device itself (About Phone screen). All the existing apps and data I had in the device seems to work fine, I had to give for few apps permission to access the MicroSD card, that’s all. Other than that, the update went pretty smooth and was quick.

This air of happiness didn’t exist for long. In the afternoon, in my office campus I was speaking with a friend and I accidentally dropped my phone from my hand on to the hard floor below. It bounced once and fell further down one full floor (first floor to ground). Myself and my friend looked down breathlessly.


With my unenviable track record of breaking phones, I ran down with little hope. You can’t expect today’s glass smartphones to survive a drop of 15-18 feet. As I picked the phone it was dead, but no visible breakage.


Praying to all the Gods around me, I pressed the power button. It sprang up to live. The phone has survived without a scratch. Thanks to the hard rubber case and scratch guard.sony_xperia_z3_phone_002

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