I am delighted today – Hon’ble Minister Mr.Dayanidhi Maran (Govt. Of India, IT & Communication) mentioned my name in his speech today in Tamil New Encoding Conference (a.k.a TUNE).

The context is this – a conference that is happening currently today by Govt. Of India (Information Technology) and Tamilnadu Govt. to discuss an Alternate 16-bit encoding for Tamil. I wrote about this alternate encoding a year back (TUNE) and my views on the same in my blog.

Since I came to know this conference earlier, this Monday (28th Aug) I wrote to Hon’ble Minister and IT Secy (TN Govt) to let them know about common man views on this. When I sent it I had no expectations that this will be read by them (or) acknowledged by them due to the overwhelming responses they will be getting from different quarters.  Surprisingly on Wednesday, I got a call from Mr.Maran’s office (New Delhi) and minister spoke to me directly for a minute and acknowledged my letter – and he even summarized the issue I have raised precisely. He invited me to attend the event today. My honest appreciations to him for his amazing energy levels.

Today in the inauguration of the conference Hon’ble Minister while talking about the issue in question – both pro and cons and he mentioned my name. Saying that “Mr.Venkatarangan” has written to me with his views and I have invited him to say his views here. Thanks, Sir!

Technical Committee’s Report
Here is an update to the day’s event published in “The Hindu” by Prof.Anandakrishnan who chaired the Technical Committee.

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