If it is December (மார்கழி மாதம்) it is Music (கச்சேரி) Season in Chennai. Almost all the famous Carnatic Music Artists – Vocal and Instrumental, Tamil Drama (Play) artists perform in various halls (சபாக்கள்) during the month-and-half festival. Music lovers from around the world, Non-Resident Indians, Locals enjoy the performances. Not only the famous gets the stage, it is also the upcoming artists who get a chance during the morning hours for which the entry is free. December/January is an ideal time for this, as the climate in Chennai is little less warmer and pleasantly cold during the evenings. This year it has been super cold (anything less than 25 Degrees for Chennaites) due to the heavy rains.

Though I am an illetrate in Music, I love to hear it; every year I will want to attend as many programs as possible, but due to work commitments end up attending one carnatic performance and the weekend dramas. This year I hope I have started on a better note.

Yesterday with my mother (who is a trained vocalist) I attended Mrs.S.Sowmya vocal performance in Karnataka Sangam organized by Nungambakkam Cultural Academy (NCA). Though the songs were old classics (and hence I didn’t know them :-)) I enjoyed the 135mins programme thoroughly. NCA has been organizing music festival for over 3 decades and is managed by its emminent Secretary Lion Dr.Natarajan, who is also one of my good well-wishers.

For complete schedule and details about Chennai Music Season 2005, click here.

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