With IE 7.0 Beta1 release last week, the blogworld is buzzing with posts on what is liked and disliked about the new browser release from MS. One topic that everyone seems to love talking is about IE 7.0 and its Standards Compliance (or lack of, depending on which side you see).  I have given below two posts which I felt were worth linking.

The first post is from IE Teams’ blog where they have talked about what is likely to be supported and what not in the final release of IE 7.0. If you are a serious Web Developer using CSS a lot, it is worth reading. On the same thread is this link posted in the web standards project’s website, which talks about how IE 7.0 team in MS is willing to listen and is eager to co-operate with the standards’ body.

Recently I came across this site – sitepoint.com, which contains very good technical articles on CSS, Web Development and more. They also publish a good book on doing web pages with CSS without CSS. Check it out. I have ordered my copy, will tell you my feedback after I get a chance to read it.

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