About 6 months ago during a chat with my mobile Project Manager, I was predicting that the days of proprietary Ringtones in Mobile phones are ending. Phones will become smarter, powerful and start supporting WAV files. Once WAV files are supported by phones, I can convert few seconds of my favourite movie song from a CD into WAV and move it to my phone. I don’t need to pay exorbitant Ringtone download charges.

Though this seemed very distanced at that time as Nokia always favoured a locked-in approach. Today with the new Nokia 3660 phone, it has come true. This beauty now supports WAV Ringtone format, apart from Bluetooth and other goodies. Check it out.

Microsoft Smartphones and Microsoft Pocket PC phone editions have always supported WAV formats. This is natural for them as they have their parentage in the Windows world where WAV originated.

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