My liking and comfort with man’s best friend are only if the distance between myself and them are more than 5 feet. I saw this 2014 film – Naaigal Jaakirathai (நாய்கள் ஜாக்கிரதை) only now. When it came I gave it a miss as it was about “dogs”.

After watching the film I realised how mistaken I was. I liked this film. The first half was humorous especially the acting by the smart dog and excellent reactions given by Sibiraj as Karthik. It is unfortunate this talented actor is not used more by Kollywood. The second half is about the hero chasing the villain and finally defeating him, thanks to Subramani, the dog.

It’s a comedy riot in the scenes like when Subramani (the dog) and Karthik get drunk and tear apart their house furnishings; and when Pichumani (Manobala) and his son teach Karthik about owning a dog and take him dog food shopping.

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